Where your donation dollars go

Your donations have supported a number of crucial projects that have put us on the way to restoring the beautiful and historic 253 Commonwealth Ave. We are finally beginning to catch up on years of deferred maintenance, thanks to your continued support.

This is a brief overview of how your donation dollars have helped recently. All of these projects were funded by undergraduate housebills and donations (some, like the bathrooms, were financed up front using low-interest IRDF loans). More photos can be found on our Alumxi Flickr.

  • Bathroom renovation
  • Front door restoration
  • Replacement of old common area carpet
  • Milk crate land door replacement
  • Emergency repairs of ancient heating system (to be replaced by new HVAC in 2015, finances allowing)
  • Roof deck certification process
  • New sprinkler system, as required by BFD/ISD
  • Replacement of failing washers and dryers

Future plans:

  • New HVAC system
  • 5th floor bathroom renovation (not included in 2014 bathroom project)
  • Repair of aging windows