Moving to Static Content

This website runs WordPress, which is a very popular blogging engine. The problem with WordPress is that it is also very popular to hack. Hence why this website has been down for a few months.

To get out of the hacker amusement business, we are switching to a static-content site where we pre-generate html that is then served with nginx.

Upside: speed! stability! security!
Downside: Interactivity comparable to the internet circa 1997.

So, if you want interactivity, join Tep Xi Chapter group on facebook.

IniXiation 2016

Well, it is a sad state of affairs that we haven’t posted anything in a year, but get ready for…

IniXiation 2016!

IniXiation 2016 will tke place on Saturday February 13 at 2:22pm at 253 Commonwealth Avenue (Boston’s Champs-Élysées) Boston, MA

Agenda (subject to change)
2:22pm: Coffee Hour
3:22pm: TEP National Ceremony
4:22pm: Xi Ceremony
5:22pm: Dinner at house
7:22pm: Alumni Association meeting (all dues-paying alumni welcome)

The Alumni Association meeting should be brief.  If you did not receive the newsletter, feel free to ask us directly for more details by e-mailing execcomm at