2017 Alumni Banquet

Save the Date!

The 2017 Alumni banquet will be held at tEp on October 27th at 7:22 PM.

Speakers will include three TEP alumni: Jeff Shapiro (former head of MIT RLE), Jascha Franklin-Hodge (CIO of Boston), and board member Andy Sudbury.

AlumXi Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association of Xi Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi will be held at 253 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA 02116 on Saturday, February 11th 2017 at 7:22 PM. Call-in information will be distributed via e-mail.

The following slate of five candidates have been nominated via our on-line election process:

Rob Calhoun ’90
Colleen Josephson ’13
Avril Kenney ’11
David Lawrence ’14
Andrew Sudbury ’93

They will stand for election to three-year terms ending in 2020 at the 2017 Annual Meeting.

AlumXi Elections

Welcome to election month. In addition to the US Presidential election, there is also a super important election for AlumXi board members. The ballot will be open from Nov. 22 to Dec 6. You should receive a link to vote via email the day voting opens. We have 8 great candidates running for 5 slots; please check out their running platforms in the email.

Moving to Static Content

This website runs WordPress, which is a very popular blogging engine. The problem with WordPress is that it is also very popular to hack. Hence why this website has been down for a few months.

To get out of the hacker amusement business, we are switching to a static-content site where we pre-generate html that is then served with nginx.

Upside: speed! stability! security!
Downside: Interactivity comparable to the internet circa 1997.

So, if you want interactivity, join Tep Xi Chapter group on facebook.

IniXiation 2016

Well, it is a sad state of affairs that we haven’t posted anything in a year, but get ready for…

IniXiation 2016!

IniXiation 2016 will tke place on Saturday February 13 at 2:22pm at 253 Commonwealth Avenue (Boston’s Champs-Élysées) Boston, MA

Agenda (subject to change)
2:22pm: Coffee Hour
3:22pm: TEP National Ceremony
4:22pm: Xi Ceremony
5:22pm: Dinner at house
7:22pm: Alumni Association meeting (all dues-paying alumni welcome)

The Alumni Association meeting should be brief.  If you did not receive the newsletter, feel free to ask us directly for more details by e-mailing execcomm at alumxi.com.

New Front Room Decor

The new Front Room decor, in which the need for light won out of the need for purpleness.

Question: which is TEP, and which is the Grand Salon from the Hôtel de Tessé at the Met?


Grand Salon from the Hôtel de Tessé