TEP was founded at Columbia University in 1910 and from its founding days has been open to college men of any race or religion. We take pride in TEP’s egalitarian history, and we work to further that tradition by seeking to open membership in TEP Xi Chapter to all MIT students, regardless of gender identity.

The Creed of Tau Epsilon Phi

TO LIVE in the light of Friendship—to judge our fellows not by their rank not wealth but by their worth as men—to hold eternally before us the memory of those > whom we have loved and lost—to hold forth in the solidarity of our brotherhood the nobility of action which will—make for the preservation of our highest and worthiest aim—and thus be true to the ideal of friendship—

TO WALK in the path of Chivalry- to be honorable to all men and defend that honor—to fulfill our given pledge at all times—to be true to the precepts of knighthood and win the love and care of the women of our dreams—and thus be true to the ideal of chivalry—

TO SERVE for the love of Service—to give unselfishly that which we may have to offer—to do voluntarily that which must be done —to revere God and to strive in His worship at all times—and thus be true to the ideal of service—

TO PRACTICE each day friendship—chivalry—service—thus keeping true to these—the three ideals—of the founders of our fraternity—this is the Creed of Tau Epsilon Phi.