Coming soon to a virtual venue near you. Date: TBD, some weekend in September.

Past events

2020-08-02 Annual Meeting

For the first time ever, our annual meeting this year was virtual. We had 78 people attend.

2020-07-22 tEp talks

The virtual tEpTalks are a place where tEps talk about their favorite things. This time, we had two talks. Alexander Sasha Bouis spoke about retrieving capsules from space launches, and Alex Hornstein talked about holographic displays.

2020-05-30 Tech Reunion Virtual Open House

On May 30th, MIT held a virtual open house for its alumni from around the world. Teps were able to take a virtual walk through

2020-02-15 init() 2020

The init() is our initiation ceremony, where we welcome new members to tEp and the Xi Fellowship.

2019-05-10 Centennial Celebration

2019 marked the 100th anniversary of the tEp Xi chapter at MIT. To celebrate, we held a dinner at the Walker memorial that brought together current members of tEp as well as past generations from all over the world. Before the dinner itself, there were other events, including a party at the Boston Aquarium.