All alumni of TEP Xi Chapter or Xi Fellowship are elligible to become members of AlumXi, unless they have been informed otherwise. We also have honorary membership for certain community members who lived in the house but never formally joined, such as former RAs.

Joining AlumXi

To join AlumXi, all you have to do is be a Xi alum in good standing (see above) and pay your annual $22.22 dues.


AlumXi is led by a 9 person executive board. The executive board is elected by the greater AlumXi membership in electronic elections that are held every 2 years. After the wider election, the exectutive board holds a board-only internal election for officer positions. More details are in our bylaws.

Elections are announced via email. Contact if you want to check that your address on file is up-to-date. Every election cycle we solicit nominations for board members. All members in good standing are welcome to run!


Every year there is at least one Annual Meeting for all members of AlumXi. The meetings are a mix of updates, voting and discussion. We highly encourage all members to attend, either in-person or via teleconference. Annual Meetings are announced via our mailing lists.

The executive board also meets regularly, typically every 2-4 weeks. Any member is welcome to sit in on executive board meetings, but non-board members cannot vote. The executive board meeting dates are announced in the minutes, which are sent to If you want to join this list to see the minutes, send a request to


There are many opportunities to volunteer!


In addition to the Annual Meeting, we have a number of social events every year such as Initiation, The CROCK, coffee hours and reunions. Most events are family-friendly, and many are free. To see the latest, check out our events page.